ABX - Behind the Scenes

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

TRO JB’s Laura Herbert recently spoke on design practice as part of the Women and Design symposium at ABX, the annual design conference of the Boston Society of Architects. In discussing the role technology plays in TRO JB’s practice, she addressed how different software platforms are selected for early design and documentation, and how 3D models can be utilized in analysis to facilitate design decisions. She discussed the use of Revit, SketchUp and 3D Studio Mac, and examined their various strengths and limitations.

On the minds of the audience: the practical application of these software tools for improving early-stage decisions including daylighting analysis and LEED certification projections.

Another TRO JB speaker at ABX was Associate Principal Alison Faecher. Alison reported that the audience for her session was intrigued by the specific lessons learned from our lean event with Lawrence and Memorial Hospital.