Can IPD Save an Owner Money?

Monday, October 15, 2012

At today’s IPD Lab meeting, one of our engineers mentioned that partnership is the true heart of IPD. We then took a minute to ask Project Manager Stacey Yeragotelis of our MaineGeneral Medical Center New Regional Hospital project to illustrate this point. She is truly a local expert as this project is the first IPD healthcare project in New England. The project broke ground in September 2011.

Q: Stacey, you mentioned a particularly memorable meeting that took place in the Electrical Project Implementation Team at MGMC. What happened?

A: The designers had drafted a first pass at the lighting design throughout the building. They had handed it off to the contractor for review. The reaction from the contractor was, “This is way too expensive and unexpected. It is not in the scope.” In a matter of two hours, after reviewing assumptions, breaking down the detail further, and asking probing questions of one another, the team was able to wring out misunderstandings and cost, purely by clarifying intent both ways.

In hindsight, we remember this resolution as particularly successful: both the engineer and the contractor attest to the fact that we achieved savings without relinquishing quality. IPD partnerships get the credit, because the designers have been open to bringing the contractor into the design conversation from the start; likewise, the contractor is open to vetting design ideas while testing against budget. The trust and partnership in evidence here are the heart of IPD.