Microsoft NERD - 10th & 11th Floors

Cambridge, MA

In continuing the already established relationships with Microsoft Corporation, TRO JB worked with SkB Architects in the design and construction of the 10th and 11th floors in the NERD Center. The main design challenge was to create an interior fit-out in a 20 year old building with pre-existing complex column structure.

The successful design results in the removal of 3,400 square floor slab, which allowed for a two-story atrium and a monumental stairway to be built. The stairway serves multiple functions while acting as an inspirational gathering plaza for work, collaboration, and events.

On these floors, to emphasis the inventive, fast-paced, and dynamic research and development, all the workspace is open. The absence of private offices encourages the entrepreneurial spirit, attracts start-up talent, and fosters group efforts.

The project achieved LEED Gold by incorporating unique building materials such as locally-salvaged doors and concrete floors, recycled aluminum ceilings, and interior glazing components. Interior greenery is incorporated to enhance employee creativity and well-being, as well as improve air quality. Energy consumption data is available on each employee’s desktop so they can monitor their personal energy use, thus participating in energy conservation.

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