Southcoast Centers for Cancer Care

Fairhaven, MA

Southcoast Cancer Center transcends the boundary between the built and natural environment creating an atmosphere of peacefulness and private respite for patients, loved ones, and staff. The interior and exterior designs complement each other to evoke the scenic nature of this heavily wooded site.

Sustainable features and generous green space contribute significantly to the healing environment. A green roof offers a soothing view from the bay windows while also aiding in stormwater management. Additional green space comes in the form of a healing garden and terrace.

The first floor houses radiation oncology, diagnostic imagine, patient amenity space and administrative offices. The second floor houses medical oncology, pharmacy, physician offices, and laboratory services. Outside, the parking lot can host 300 vehicles for employees’ and visitors’ convenience.

Upon entering the primarily brick and stone building, the clearly defined great hall makes for easy wayfinding. Signages, along with carefully selected finishes, act as visual cues to indicate key areas.

Using a hospitality-inspired approach, the warm wood finishes and soft furnishings offer a comforting atmosphere, allowing patients and families to relax and focus on healing. At the same time, the design enhances the functionality for the staff. All infusion bays open to large central nurse stations to allow for visual connection between staff and patients, facilitating the high level of care and attention provided. The individual bay components are customizable upon patient’s preferences. The patient has the ability to control lighting, shade, and privacy.

A lighting system for staff was developed to maximize efficiency during the building’s main hours of operations. The project was registered with the utility company’s advanced buildings incentive program and exceeded the target lighting power density by 14%, helping Southcoast earn the IA 2012 Regional Award of Merit by the Illuminating Engineering Society.

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